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The biography page section of the BCANS web site has been updated! This improved section gives us many new features. Some of the features include:

Edit/Update Bio: You can edit and update all areas of your bio page. This includes changing your password, updating your email address, adding new pictures and captions and so on.

Buddies List: You can "bookmark" favorite bio pages and keep them in a "Buddy List" Private Messages: You can send and received messages from the Bio section Journals/Blogs: If you wish to keep an online, public journal.

Improved Search: You can use advanced searches to search for bio pages and bio participants. This function will eventually also allow you to search for a participant with a similar diagnosis.

Chat You can log in directly to the chat room. .. and much more! Feel free to explore the new features.

The 'Bio" section, as it is called on BCANS is an informal area of the BCANS web site where participants can talk about themselves. Many take this opportunity to journal their breast cancer journey. To access the bio section, you must first submit a bio. You can register here.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we would be pleased to hear them.

Click here to visit the BCANS Biography Pages.

Introducing Breast Cancer Network NS

Learn more about this province-wide network of breast cancer groups, organizations and individuals. The Breast Cancer Network of Nova Scotia is one of the provincial networks supported by the Community Capacity Building component of the CBCRI. The network was established in December of 2001 and brings together organizations and individuals who are working in the province to provide information and services to people affected by breast cancer. There are several members of the network from all nine District Health Authorities (DHA) in Nova Scotia.

The building of the network was taken on as a project by Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia and is currently funded by the Canadian Breast Cancer Initiative and Cancer Care Nova Scotia. The project also has the support of the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Titz ‘n Glitz, as well as many community based breast cancer groups


For more information on the network or to become involved, please contact: Kathleen Barclay at 902-465-2685 or kathleen@bca.ns.ca

Read The Birth of a Provincial Breast Cancer Network by Kathleen Barclay

Dr. Patricia Radin

Dr. Patricia RadinThe loss of Patricia Radin in May, 2003 stunned and saddened us all. BCANS was saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Dr. Patricia Radin. Pat's involvement with BCANS began in 1998 when she chose us as the subject of her paper "So Softly Bind Up the Wound A Case Study of the Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia Forum: An Emerging Communications Model".

Over the years Pat's friendship and love for the participants shone as she futher refined her research and published her dissertation on this site that was so close to her heart. Her friendship, good humor and love will be sorely missed by all of us at BCANS and the hundreds of people from around the world that she inspired and touched with her commitment to BCANS

BCANS Memorial Page for Pat Radin and others.

Articles About Pat Compassion Knows No Border: The Research of Patricia Radin Kevin Kawamoto

Some of Pat's many papers and articles are listed below.

2001 BCANS is pleased to share a dissertation written by Dr. Patricia Radin. Pat has been actively researching BCANS' online activities for several years and has also written two separate papers (see bottom of page) and has shared her findings with BCANS. Pat has actively promoted the BCANS web site at conferences around the world and has met with many of the site participants. Diss1 is the title page and abstract. Diss2 is the table of contents, acknowledgments, dedication. DissLastPart is everything else including appendices and references Diss1.pdf Diss2.pdf DissLastPart.pdf